Clear Mirror Coaching

Meeting yourself in honest reflection.

Clients come to me when they they are looking for clarity. It can help in these instances to have an outside voice, or someone who is listening. Internally, thoughts can become very muddied, so I use the metaphor of the mirror;

Your mirror isn’t clean. It doesn’t give a clear picture of yourself. Not having a clear picture of yourself means that you aren’t living your own life. And there is a gap between what you expect and what happens that increases your suffering.  You are not just your job, your family, your name or your face. Clean your mirror.

My mirror isn’t clean either, but I have some training in seeing patterns.

1, Close listening.

2, Responding. Telling you honestly when you may be lying to yourself.

3, Kindness.

I don’t promise the following;

1, Riches: I don’t know the secret to making money.

2, Living your dreams: Frankly, I would prefer if you woke up.

3. Reaching your goals: Until you are clear about where you are, why set a goal? You may be there already!

4, Happiness: The aim is not to feel better, but be better at feeling.

5, Transformation: You don’t need to change.  It’s enough to clean the mirror and get to know yourself.